Annaré is the place where you'll enjoy exceptional food prepared fresh on-site every day.

Summer Holiday Times

Dear Friends of Annaré,

We're stepping into that special time of the year again! From Saturday, 6th August to Tuesday, 16th August, Annaré will be on its annual holiday break. This planned time-off is crucial for our team to recharge and for us to fine-tune our operations, ensuring we bring you the smoothest, most delightful Italian dining experience throughout the year.

While we're away, you might miss our luscious lasagnas, bountiful breakfasts, toasted ciabattas, and mouthwatering cakes. Fear not, as these treats and more will be waiting for you when we reopen on Wednesday, 17th August. Your understanding during this period is greatly appreciated.

Arrivederci until then, we're looking forward to an even tastier year ahead!

The Team at Annaré

Introducing ... Our Picnics

Have you ever dreamed of a personal chef experience in the form of a picnic?
If so then we've made your dream a reality.

> You'll have the best time with food fit for deities - guaranteed return on investment.
> Prices start at £65 for 2 people who will enjoy a starter, main, side, and dessert.
> This deal includes our branded picnic bag and tea towel.

Come to our shop and ask to speak with Rita regarding new orders.

How we got here

Our Story

Ciao! My name is Gianluca, I came here with my Mamma (Rita) to bring you the delicious food we’ve been sharing with our dearest loved ones. Using methods handed down through generations and revisiting the classic dishes Nonna used to make, we’re proud to provide you with the tingling magical feeling of homemade food without the hassle of preparing it yourself.

Our options are especially crafted to please every member of the family.

The passion for good food was unavoidable growing up with Mamma; a single mom, hero, and real foodie. There was never a lazy day in Mamma’s books, no cheating and no cutting corners, food has always been made fresh every day with love and dedication.

Entertaining friends and family at home became a ritual for sharing our passion with the world, and so our dream was born: to open an authentic Italian Café Deli using all of Mamma's original recipes and committing to providing healthy wholesome food options to our followers.

a decade-long search

The Perfect Place

Among an unassuming parade of shops in the quaint village of East Horsley, secluded in the Surrey hills, we found our dream location. After 12 years of searching, the timing could not have been more perfect.

Between the two of us we had an abundance of passion, energy, and commitment.

The dream became a reality and we called it Annaré, dedicated to Nonna Anna who had inspired us to carry on the tradition of sharing our love of food.

Today Annaré is a booming business with Rita at the helm of our establishment providing healthy wholesome food options and impeccable sweet treats including our own ice cream production.

Main Menu

Classic Mains

Soup of the Day


Using organic ingredients from sustainable and/or local sources



Choose from our pesto or pomodoro sauce

Lasagna Ligure


Nonna's classic recipe is revisited with a vegetarian twist; green beans, small new potatoes, and our pesto

Lasagna Umbra


A simple approach to vegan dishes with colfiorito lentils, courgettes, butternut squash, cherry tomato sauce, and caramelised onions



Aubergines baked in layers with cherry tomato sauce, parmesan, and mozzarella

Stuffed Peppers


A vegan favourite stuffed with black Venus rice, chickpeas, and cherry tomato sauce



Hand rolled using the finest beef mince and served in our signature bio pomodoro sauce. Comes with a choice of either pasta or side of ciabatta.

Insalate / Salads



Mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto

Flying Chicken


marinated breaded chicken with mixed leaves, avocado, and tomato

Tonno Bello


Callipo tuna with mixed leaves, artichokes, avocado, and tomato

Toasted Ciabatta

Plain Pina


Cheese, tomato, and basil dressing

Cheasy Tony


Callip tuna, cheese, rocket, and parsley lemon dressing

Classic Bite


Italian herb roast ham, cheese, tomato, and rocket

Salami Duplo


2x Speciality Italian Salami, avocado, rocket, and tomato

Riga Tonno


Callipo tuna, avocado, mayo, rocket, and parsley lemon dressing

Chix Gran Prix 2


Chicken milanese strips, sundried tomato, rocket, and mayo

Vegan Vespucci


Hummus, sundried tomato, mushrooms, and green beans

Marco Pollo


Chicken milanese strips, mushrooms, tomato, and rocket

Hungry Tourist


Prosciutto di Parma, tomato, mozzarella, and rocket

Veggie Escape


Mozzarella, avocado, our pesto, and sun-dried tomato

Chicken Ciao Pesto


Chicken milanese strips, mozzarella, our pesto, and rocket

Scuba Salmon


Mascarpone, avocado, smoked salmon, rocket, and parsley lemon dressing

Meatball Submariner


Meatballs, cheese, rocket, and basil dressing